Magnified Grass

Your CEO/ founder "Rondalanae"

Be You and Own your Sexy!

Thats me on the left (or below if on a mobile device) attempting a seductive pose. Honestly Im no model and it took me exactly 1,073,498,650 tries to get the perfect shot. We will go with this one. I think I did well. Anyways. I am glad you came on my site. I am probably recieving a notification that you are here! So I see you ! You look good today! Nice hair!


Of course lets get too the good stuff.........................................

My brand was established in 2018 as a hand made brand consisting of organic cotton goodies . It has transformed into a carefully  curated collection of undergarments and loungewear. I really look forward to rocking with you if you like what you see. 


FYI my favorite fabric is cotton! Enjoy and if you have questions just go ahead and click the little chat bubble thats hovering somewhere on the screen.